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So you look at your disc pace on your computer, and you say to yourself “What? I don’t really have much stored on my computer”. Well when you install something on your computer, a lot of these programs install temporary files it needs to do the install. Well all of these temp files take up memory, your browser stores a lot of the information from the websites you surf, cookies, videos etc. When you clean up the catche some files don’t actually delete. There is also tons of hidden folders that store information not being used anywhere, the files are just taking up scape. Another goodthing is that it removes the files to Protect Your Privacy.

I happened to have that problem on my computer. I found this program called “CLEAN UP” this neat FREE software freed up 15Gigs of memory from my desktop and 4Gigs from the laptop. pretty darn sweeeet. Go get it now and free some of your memory. Make sure you donate as well.

Steven Gould | CleanUp!

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