The Artwork of Hyper-Realist Sculptor Ron Mueck

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I would love to have one of these statues in my house, well not of the real big ones. The one i like the best would have to be the statue of the old couple.

Dimitri The Lover: Voicemail From the Worst Pickup Artist Ever

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Dimitri calls on a woman he met called Olga. Accoring to His name is James Sears calls himself “Dimitri the Lover.” He is a former Canadian psychiatrist who lost his license after being convicted of sexually assaulting female patients in 1994.1 He claims to be an expert in the art of seducing women and calls himself the “World’s Greatest Lover and Seducer.”

Additional information can also be found on his own wiki

How Dangerous of a Driver Are You?

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This website rates how much of a risk you are when you drive

How dangerous of a driver are you?


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WBMX Old School Mix Sets. If your Old School and your from Chicago, then you will know about WBMX they had some of the best mix sessions back in the day.

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ok, im from chicago. one of the greatest cities in the whole wide world, and here in chicago we LOVE food. We can never get enough of it, that’s why it’s all over the place. Every corner you look there is some sort of restaurant. And we have everykind of style of food, anything you can think of you probably find it here in chicago. Here is a guy “Peter Strazzabosco” who takes pictures of some of the food here in Chicago, but not just any food, it’s the greazy kind, the best flavors. He takes pictures and rates the food also with stars.

I gotta say that I agree with him 100% with AL’s Beef. The best beef in Chicago. So if your ever in chicago, you gotta go to AL’s. the original AL’s on Taylor by UIC.

Build Your Own Steadycam

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This guy can show how to build your own steady cam and will only cost you $14 in parts, or you can buy one of his pre-built kits for only $39.95 not bat at all. I want to make one, but I want to get a better camera first. I have an old mini DV that looks very grainy and it’s was probably new technology when I got it. One of these days I will get my hands on a HD one.

Check it out and build your own, you will save hundreds, he has some video there to show you the comparing to shoot with and without a steadycam

Noah’s Blog

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With my name being ‘Noe’ that comes from the name Noah, Noel, Noemy, and who know’s how many versions are out there. I came across the Noah’s Blog. Funny.

Misspelled Tattoos | Can You Emagine

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Ouch! Can you imagine getting a tattoo and having it misspelled or have something missing. I know someone who this happened to. I was actually the one who noticed. well check this site where it has some pics of some misspelled ones. next time look at the sketch before it get’s added to your skin.

WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCam

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This a web can that can be controlled over the internet. Very cool but not cheep it’s around $300 us. You use it like a remote control toy and you can even controll it using your iphone.

Is Your Cat Plotting To Kill You?

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visit my other website here >> noeone
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